Commercial Excellence


Access to fast paced information and digital tools is changing and disrupting B2B-sales. WALK AB offers services to support SaaS and technology companies to remain and gain a competitive edge by improving it's commercial processes. 


Commercial Excellence is a core competency for companies that strive for high growth. Successful tech & SaaS businesses are basically measured on a high recurring revenue per unit and churn. Commercial excellence intiatives help you drive recurring revenues!


Smart pricing and consicuous pricing strategies and models can generate growth, profit and customer satisifaction at the same time. Often pricing models are theoretical and not anchored to meet customer needs, thus leaving untapped potential. WALK AB can review your pricing structure and identify opportunities that can boost sales and profits. 


Do you have updated battle-cards? Is it clear to your field sales reps what strategy they need to deploy in offensive and defensive situations? Most battle cards are "facts & figures" yet product management, marketing and sales need operational and actionable battle cards. WALK AB can help your company to find strategies to outsmart competition. A quick look at the quality of the battle card gives an idea of the win-rate...


Product knowledge, industry acumen, sales metholodgy, self leadership, digital sales, SOME... the demands on commercial staff today require broad competencies and depth in certain areas. Most companies spend vast amounts on recruitment, but very little or zero on continous development. WALK AB can help out with skills scan and identify areas of opportunity and help solve it so your team are up to speed.


Processes are fundamental to secure growth. A well-defined and effective sales process is tailored to the different needs, new clients, existing clients, large accounts, opportunistic accounts. International and national sales can vary as well as what type of products that are sold. Most companies wrongly use an “one-size-fit-all” sales process and most often that not the sales process is not documented, carrying with it risk of ineffectiveness. WALK AB can help out to define your core sales process and tailor it to the different sales categories.  


Sales and marketing teams are inherently conservative. While curious and excited, research tells us it takes huge effort for an organisation to commercialiaze and introduce new products. WALK AB can help you devise the strategy and execute to aviod pitfalls so you don't end up with sunk RnD cost and lack of revenue growth.


What makes your company stick out and differentiate? Is that differentiation providing a competitive advantage? If unsure, you are missing growth opportunities and probably have problem with win-rate. Let WALK AB help out to define it and train your commercial teams in what makes your company stick out.